A brief description of all of the work-products, shown below, is available
by linking to this introduction. For those Work-Products that
are fully operational, (a) the Sample Work-Product link displays the format
of each Work-Product and (b) The Eligible User Manual link provides
guidance as to the data management of such Work-Product. Also, each
Work-Product, shown below, may be directly linked to a Sub-Site that
provides the Eligible User with more detailed information (detailed
information relative to input, output, production, administration, etc. as well
as helpful background reading).

Menu of Work-Products

A.  Claim Reserves

  1. Health Care Plans
    a.   Traditional
    b.  Amendment
  2. Workers' Compensation
  3. Long-Term Disability  

B.   Monte Carlo Simulations

         1. Claim Fluctuations and Economic Value of Stop-Loss

         2. Economic Value of Plan Benefits and Managed Care Arrangements

 a.   Calendar Year Deductibles
 b. Per Occurence Deductibles

C.   Government Entity Certification

        1. Florida – FS §112.08
        2. Iowa – Chapter 509A of IAC
        3. Ohio – Ohio Rev. Code §9.833

D.   Medicare Part D

E.   Annual Actuarial Report

  1. Health Reimbursement Account Plan

F.  Experience Monitoring

G.  Discrimination

        1. Background Reading
             a. General Discussion
            b. Online Text (currently under construction)
                 i. Printed
                ii. Audio
            c. Commentary and Data-Entry information for Employee Database Work-Products

        2. Discrimination Testing – IRC-Related
             a. Decision Path
             b. IRC Section 105(h) (MRP and HRA)
                 i. Safe Harbor Test
                ii. Database-Provided Work-Product
            c. IRC Section 125 (Full-Flex, FSA and POP)
                 i. Safe Harbor Test
                ii. Database-Provided Work-Product
           d. IRC Section 129 (DCAP)
                i. Safe Harbor Test
               ii. Database-Provided Work-Product
           e. IRC Section 79 (Life Insurance)
                i. Safe Harbor Test
               ii. Database-Provided Work-Product
           f. IRC Section 410 (Qualified Deferred Benefit Plans)

        3. Other Discrimination Services
           a. VEBA
          b. Health-Related
          c. Age-Related
          d. Trade and Commerce-Related
          e. PPACA

H.  Accounting-Related

  1. FASB 112 Computations
  2. Alternatives to Retiree Life Reserves
    a.   FASB 106
    b.   GASB 43/45

I.   Administrative Work-Products

  1. Employee Benefits (All Self-Funded)
    a.  In General
    b.  Death and AD & D
    c.  Long Term Disability
    d.  Short Term Disability
    e.  Dental and/or Vision and/or Hearing
    f.  Long Term Care
    g.  Critical Illness (or Organ Transplant)
    h.  Medicare Supplement
    i.  Health Reimbursement Accounts
         Initial/Renewal Proposal
         Administrative Guide
    j.  COBRA Administration
    k.  Flexible Spending Accounts
    l.  Workers’ Compensation
    m.  Legal Benefits
  2. Document Preparation and Management
    a.  VEBA Trust Document
    b.  Non-Qualified Trust Agreement

J.   Topic-Specific Critiques

       1.  Risk Management-Related:
            a.  Plan Benefit Design Analyses
            b.  Plan Administration Analyses
            c.  Age-Graded and Gender-Graded Plan Funding
            d.  Geographic-Graded Plan Funding
            e.  Self-Funding Appropriateness Test

       2.   Health Risk Appraisal
       3.   Claims Processing Guide
       4.   Litigation-Related:
             Fact Critique and Review

K.   Consumer-Driven Health Care