Eligible Users


An Eligible User is a person (or firm) that is approved by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc.
to [sign on] and (a) enter the requisite data as well as (b) receive any of the computer-produced Work-Products. Evidence of such permission consists of a privacy-protected User Name and User Password that is provided by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. to such Eligible User.  No formal contract or agreement is made. Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw such permission at any time for cause. In order to become an Eligible User, contact us to initiate the application procedure.

Several options are available to the Eligible User which hopefully will make this service as agreeable as possible: (a) for an additional fee, Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. will enter the requisite data, (b) for an additional fee, a Work-Product with an inked rather than a Facsimile signature will be provided (note – in this event, a review of the entered data will be performed by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc.) and (c) an ad hoc consultative-type Work-Product is available but is designed and priced on a facts and circumstances basis. It is anticipated that the Eligible User should successfully use any of the Work-Products with only an occasional question by Email-phone-fax and supported only by: (a) this website (and its links), (b) the User Guide that is custom-made for each Work-Product and (c) the Eligible User Manual.

Several operational rules followed by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. should be of interest to the Eligible User: (a) a permanent copy (conditioned on reasonable shelf-life rules) is retained of every Work-Product; (b) a summary of all Work-Products (as evidenced by Email activity) is made by the system for invoicing, control or other purposes and (c) other controls are in place to detect those instances where the intended purposes of Work-Products are not being achieved.

As described in detail elsewhere, the format of Work-Products is not standard for these reasons: (a) its primary motivation comes solely and directly from our Country’s trade and commerce laws (and, as importantly, the clarifying Supreme Court decisions)
that make it obligatory that all business and professions seek and build the cheaper and
better mousetrap and do so fairly;  (b) a Web-based computer program is offered that is readily accessible to the Eligible User and that uses the latest in cybernetics and mathematical technologies; (c) Work-Products are available to a large audience of users and are designed to be both price-friendly as well as user-friendly; (d) a menu of task-specific Work-Products is available for User convenience and (e) Work-Product prices are posted on the Internet without the element of billable time. The Internet, greatly increased computer-power, and the use of mathematical advancements make Actuarial Work-Products possible.

For the above-cited reasons, additional efforts have been expended to assure that both the letter and the spirit of the professional standards promulgated by the American Academy of Actuaries are met. For example, (a) unless otherwise indicated, the Principal (the one engaging the Actuary and paying the fees) is always the Eligible User; (b) the submitted data will always be reviewed (but not audited) by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc, (where there is an inked signature) or by internal computer checks, edits, reviews, etc. (where there is a facsimile signature); (c) the number assigned by the American Academy of Actuaries to the signing Actuary is made part of the Work-Product; (d) the submitted data is included in its entirety (or nearly so) and (e) the Actuary’s opinion is clear and complete. The Work-Product is believed to go beyond the standards of the Academy by (a) asserting a complete absence of conflicted interests and (b) settling the matter of potential professional liability in advance and, to the extent possible, making practical provision therefore.