Consistent with the goal of Actuarial Work-Products of providing the best and least costly risk management and actuarial services, in a fair manner, the issue of fees deserves attention. Every reasonable effort has been made to offer fees that are both fair and practical – not an easy task considering the multiple parties, needs, options, etc.

This Subsite is in two parts:
     Fee Schedule.


Analysis of Fees

The Fee Schedule anticipates the following options with respect to the duties/functions involved the Work-Products:
     1. Provided by others exclusively (Approved Users usually)
     2. Provided by others on a shared basis
     3. Provided by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. exclusively
             Computer-generated Work-Products and
             the requisite hardware and software.
     4. Provided by Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc. exclusively
              All functions that are administrative,
              managerial, clerical, financial, regulatory,
              data-editing, etc.

To the extent such work-function sharing exists, to the same extent, the Fee Schedule makes due allowance therefore.

Fee Administration

Invoices will be sent to the Approved User by Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc. at the end of each month for the activity during such month.

Fees vary only by (a) Work-Product and (b) inked v. facsimile signature.

The Fee Schedule is Website-posted and subject to change each January 1 and July 1.

Corporate Issues

All Work-Products are provided by and through
Self-Funding Actuarial Services, inc. Such Work-Products are generated by and through the web-embedded computer programs owned by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. and used for the exclusive advantage of Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc. These two corporations are affiliates.

The professional liability for all such work-products, should such ever be an issue is assumed by Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc.

The Engager (as contemplated by the American Academy of Actuaries) is clearly designated on each Work-Product and will nearly always be the entity responsible for accepting the invoice and is referred to in this discussion as the Approved User.

Fee Schedule

The following is the Fee Schedule for the  designated six-month period:

Actuarial Work-Product Fee Schedule
For the Period January 1, 2009 to July 1, 2009

 Fees, Commissions, and Allowances

Work Product

Base Fee  Brokerage Intermediate
Claim Reserves $500 25% 10% 25%
Monte Carlo I $400 25% 10% 25%
Monte Carlo II $400 25% 10% 25%
Annual Report $700 25% 10% 25%
Iowa Certification $300 25% 10% 25%
Ohio Certification $300 25% 10% 25%

     1. No data-handling allowance is offered with
         the Traditional Option.
     2. The Base Fee is reduced by 20% for any
         Work-Product that is delivered with a
         facsimile signature.
     3. Data-Handlers (i.e., Eligible Users) incur a
         $50 additional charge for each Email
         in excess of three with respect to any
         particular Work-Product.
     4. Abbreviations used as above are as follows:
         RES means claim reserve
         MC1 means Monte Carlo I
         MC2 means Monte Carlo II
         AAR means Annual Actuarial Report
         IA means Iowa Title 509A Certification
         OH means Ohio Section 9.833 Certification