Data Handling

One of the distinguishing features of Actuarial Work-Products is the greater sharing of the data-handling responsibilities between the Actuary and the User. Being proactive results in greater efficiencies, lower production costs and improved quality. Such sharing does not diminish the obligation of the Actuary to edit (but not audit) the entered-data; rather, such sharing makes the proper editing of entered data more easily accomplished.

There are three options available to the User in the entry of the data/documentation requisite to obtaining Actuarial Work-Products:

Traditional Option.  The User submits the data and documentation in the usual manner (hard copy, e.g.) by mail, fax, etc.

Intermediate Option. The User submits such data/documentation in the format specifically set forth in the companion Website Such data/
documentation may be either transmitted (a) hard copy or (b) electronically as provided by the Website.

Advanced Option. The User becomes an Eligible User with Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc. thereby gaining the privilege of directly entering the requisite data/documentation directly into the computer program.

Work-Product fees, brokerage commissions and data handling allowances to the Approved User vary by the Work-Product and the data entry option that is selected.