Consulting Function

The two corporations that deliver Actuarial Work-Products (Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. and Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc.) provide numerous services – but the consulting service is not one of them.  Such services, where offered, will be done so by the Approved User (or one of its assigns) as agreed to by the End-User. This division of labor is made so as to achieve the goal of “providing the better, cheaper service in a fair manner”.

Actuarial Work-Products, however, believes that it is obligated to see that the consulting function (even though it is not a party thereto) is as effective and efficient as possible.  To that end, it offers the following, as part of its normal range of services, to the Approved User only: (a) relevant background reading that is easily accessible (Web-based, e.g.), (b) topic-related telephone inquiries and (c) other assistance as may be appropriate. Each Approved is expected to review and submit questions with respect to each Work-Product.

While any consulting function has the potential of being very complex, that specifically related to Work-Products is more simplified because they are so uniform and structured (both in submitted data and format).