Actuarial Work-Products provides risk and actuarial opinions to end-users (plan sponsors, generally) through Approved Users (plan vendors, generally).  Such Approved Users may be compensated for either or both of (a) brokerage services and (b) data-handling services (consisting of either (i) data-submission only or (ii) direct data-entry).

The Opinions are prepared by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. using its proprietary hardware and software for the exclusive use of Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc. These two corporations are affiliates.  Self-Funding Actuarial Services, Inc. is the operating corporation and provides the (a) administration and (b) management of the services as well as providing  (a) the billings and related services and (b) the requisite professional liability insurance therefore.

No professional liability risk attaches to any participating entity other than erroneous data submission or input that is not discernible by edit.

Motivations for Approved-Users to Market

The potential Approved User might be motivated to use the
Actuarial Work-Products for these reasons:

Reduced Fees to the End-User. Perhaps, one of the most compelling of the many reasons to consider Actuarial Work-Products is the significant reduction in fees of direct benefit to the End-User.   

Direct Financial Gains. The earnings of such Approved User will be increased because (a)  the standard/posted Work-Product fees include a significant commission/brokerage fee payable to such User, (b) such Approved User will be further compensated for these two additional duties: (i) needed consulting to the End User (plan sponsor, e.g.) and (ii) data-handing.

Indirect Advantages. Those Approved Users offering such Work-Products will find numerous advantages in (a) adding a risk/actuarial dimension to their service menu, (b) being able to provide a menu of risk and actuarial services both superior in quality and much lower is price than those of competition, (c) being able to do so with little or no financial outlay, professional exposure  or work effort.

Cutting-Edge Features of Actuarial Work-Products. Everything
about Actuarial Work-Products is up-to-date.  It embodies (a)  the latest in actuarial mathematics (Monte Carlo simulations,  stochastic v. deterministic modeling, e.g.). and (b) uses the most advanced disciplines of cybernetics, information technology and electronic communication. Moreover, it is designed to (a) fit the global economy (unrestrained by time, distance or language), (b) reflect the new definition, of what constitutes actuarial practice, (c) be as user-friendly as possible and (d) anticipate the manner by which any professional mishaps willbe handled

Level of Professionalism.   Actuarial Work-Products is the direct result of the views of its sponsors that all professions and businesses have an obligation under our state and federal trade and commerce laws (as clarified by the courts) to seek and provide the better and cheaper service or product and to do so fairly.

Terms and Meanings

Work-Products  are defined to be computer-prepared reports,
     certifications, etc. with very structured input, output, fees
     and format (no billable time, e.g.
Risk and Actuarial and both synonymous and interchangeable
     Including both traditional practices as well as the new
     Practices (model-building, information technology,
     cybernetics, statistics, etc.).
Opinions mean that each and every Work-Product may be
     used and accepted as an actuarial opinion as contemplated
     by the American Academy of Actuaries.
End-User means the entity has the ultimate use thereof. The
     end-user may or may not be the Engaging Party as
     contemplated by the American Academy of Actuaries.
Approved User is both the Engaging Party and also (a) the
     entity entitled to any brokerage commissions, (b) the
     entity expected to submit the data and also (c) the entity
     obligated to directly interface (i.e. consult) with the End-
     User.  Subject to further approval, such Approved User may
     also be and Eligible User which qualifies such entity to
     directly enter data into the computer for processing
     purposes. Compensation of the Approved/Eligible User is
     determined by such Entity’s acivities/contributions all of
    which will be put is contractual form.