About Us

This website is sponsored and maintained by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. for the purpose of offering to health care plan sponsors and practitioners actuarial services that utilize the latest and best in information technologies.

Scope of Interest
Our scope of interest is limited to the actuarial aspects of health care plans but such, in its totality, comprises nearly 17% of our nation’s GDP. Such work-products, directly or indirectly, encompass the following:

  1. All health care plans (Blue Cross-Blue Shield, fully insured, HMO or self-funded); all types of benefits (health care, disability, long term care, death or workers’ compensation) and the activity of the multiple parties involved therewith.
  2. The full range of plan-related activities (marketing, underwriting, risk management, administration, regulatory, industry practices, professional-support, managed care, etc.).
  3. Nearly all of the plan sponsors of such plans as well as practitioners and vendors who serve them. 

Actuarial Work-Products, by its very nature, will serve the international marketplace with
the same ease as it serves that of the United States and Canada.

Work-Product Defined
In brief, a Work-Product is a simple mathematical model of possible interest to a wide audience of potential users, and it is designed for only a relatively few applications involving health care plans and where the input and the output are both tightly formatted and where the fees are pre-set and posted and where an approved Eligible User is permitted to be more proactive than is generally the case.

New Features of Actuarial Work-Products:
There are numerous industry-first features of Actuarial Work-Products that deserve
1.  The role of the Plan Sponsor and/or the practitioners is enhanced because such
parties are permitted to be more proactive than is traditionally the case.
2.  The duties, obligations and privileges of the newly-created entity called the
Eligible User are set forth in the Eligible User Manual.
3.  The Potential Users are expanded in number and scope.
4.  Enhancements to the traditional methodologies are achieved by means of: (a) new
business motives;  (b) latest advancements in cybernetics and mathematics; and
(c) re-defining the role of the players. See Important Innovations.
5. Care has been taken to see that Work-Products (a) meets, or surpasses, the
Professional Standards promulgated by the American Academy of Actuaries and
also (b) responds to the admonition of the state and federal trade and commerce
laws (as clarified by a century of Supreme Court decisions) that all business and professions should seek  and build  the better and cheaper mousetrap and do so fairly.  Actuarial Work-Products is dedicated to offering simple mathematical modeling to as wide an audience as is practical thereby (a) helping the world around us as well as (b) bringing credit to the actuarial profession. See About Actuaries.
6. Care has been taken to see that all client or plan data is stored at a high-level
security site maintained by Actuarial Work-Products, Inc.              

The primary  actuary of Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. is Carlton Harker whose Resume is linked hereto.