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This Website AWPSE offers the User a broad range of risk, actuarial and/or administrative work-products that use the latest and best in (a) cybernetics, (b) risk, (c) mathematics and (d) professional practices.  AWPSE is, in effect, a robot in a Website that is programmed to create and manage documents, computer programs and databases.  Motivations for AWPSE include: (a) our trade and commerce laws, (b) new millennium technologies and (c) recent changes in leglislation, regulation, law, etc.

Getting Started
The visitor is invited to (a) browse or (b) seek  approval as a User by clicking Contact Us. To experience how AWPSE functions, click Sign On and enter sampleuser/sampleuser as your username and passwordA companion copyrighted book is available as a courtesy to the visitor by clicking Printed Book or Audio Book.  Appendix C of this Book shows how sampleuser/sampleuser has managed the data and entered parameters to obtain each of the work-products.
          Practitioners may click Risk Memorandum to discern how these work-products may be received and delivered to end-users.

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