Software Vendor

Information concerning how our work-products might be of interest to a Sotware Vendor is given below.

Interest in Work-Products

The  Software Vendor might have either a general or a specific interest in Work-Products.

General Interest

By being an Eligible User of Work-Products, the Software Vendor will, in effect, have its own staff actuary and be able to offer the same full range of services that are offered by some of the larger competitor Software Vendors. Being shut out of a bidding opportunity should not be common. There are, however, several additional and significant advantages in using Work-Products: (a) the Software Vendor has no actuary salary or upkeep expenses and (b) there are no potential E & O liability issues associated with Work-Products. Also, the Eligible User will have ready access to the full reservoir or data, experience and knowledge of Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. The Actuary is engaged by the Software Vendor (Eligible User) and has no relationship with the End User (plan sponsor, e.g.); as such, the Software Vendor has the fee-payment responsibility. The Spftware Vendor that offers only basic programming services will, most likely, have little interest in Work-Products; others with broader services will, not likely, have a keen interest therein. The Software Vendor will often be a candidate for the franchising opportunities offered by Actuarial Work-Products.

Specific Interest

The Software Vendor typically will have an active interest in some but not all of Work-Products either as an active (or Eligible) User or as an intermediary with its clients. The role that is assumed by the Software Vendor will vary with each Work-Product. Whether the  (a) Work-Product is mandated (claim reserves, Annual Actuarial Report, Government Entity Certification, Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Certification, e.g.)  or  (b) the Work-Product is a decision-making model (all of the Monte Carlo Simulations, Medicare Part D Feasibility Analysis, HRA/HSA modeling studies, e.g.),  the interest of the Software Vendor will be high because of the opportunity to connect its proprietary systems and software with that of Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. This connecting opportunity might well be of great use and value to the Software Vendor.


A Software Vendor might be a member of any of the following risk-related professional or trade associations:

          Washington Publication Company
          Work Group for EDI
          American Health Information Management Association
          National Center for Health Care Statistics
          Association for Cooperative Operation Research and Development
          Insurance Information  Institute
          Insurance Accounting and Statistical Association.                


Other than Association-sponsored Journals, the Software Vendor might subscribe to these Journals:

          To Be Added


Periodicals that accept advertising that might be subscribed to by the Software Vendor might include the following:         

          Risk and Insurance
         Business Insurance