Information concerning how our work-products might be of interest to an Attorney is given below.

Interest in Work-Products

The Producer might have either a general or a specific interest in Work-Products.

General Interest

Any attorney firm, of any size, might wish to be an Eligible User if only to have access to the data and knowledge base of Actuarial Work-Products, Inc. and it Website. It can be an additional book in their library, so to speak.

Specific Interest

There are several Work-Products that are of specific and immediate interest to the attorney, however: (a) Federal income tax issues (i.e., discrimination and self-employed benefits) and (b) the new Work-Product called Expert ConsultantServices.


The Attorney might be a member of any of the following producer-related professional or trade associations:

          American Bar Association
          American Health Lawyers Association
          Association of Trial Lawyers of America
          American Council of Life Insurance
          Self-Insurance Association of America
          International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.


Other than Association-sponsored Journals, the Attorney might subscribe to these Journals:

          ABA Journal.


Periodicals that accept advertising that might be subscribed to by the Attorney
include the following:

          Business Insurance
          Risk and Insurance.