Information concerning how our work-products might be of interest to an Accountant is given below.

Interest in Work-Products

The Accountant might have either a general or a specific interest in Work-Products.

General Interest

The accounting firm that wishes to compete with those very large firms that have their own staff actuaries will find Actuarial Work-Products appealing in that they can have a actuarial consulting dimension without having to maintain such staff actuaries.

Special Interest

Where the interest of the accountant is limited to auditing and tax issues, the following uses of the menu of work-products should be cited:

1. Claim reserves
2. Annual Actuarial Report (funding, COBRA premiums, IRS Form 1099s for 
discrimination or self-employed purposes, e.g.).
3. Miscellaneous (FASB 112, retiree reserves, e. g.).


The Accountant might be a member of any of the following finance-related associations:

          American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
          Institute of Management Accountants
          American Accountant Association
          Institute of Internal Auditors


Other than Association-sponsored journals, the Accountant might subscribe to any of these Journals:

          Journal of Accountancy
          Journal of Cost Management
          Internal Auditor
          Practical Accountant
          CPA Journal 
          Journal of Accounting Research
          Journal of Forensic Accountant
          Practical Tax Strategies     


Periodicals that accept advertising and that might be subscribed to by the Accountant include the following:

          Accounting Today
          Business Insurance
          Risk and Insurance.