Getting Started

When the Potential User of Actuarial Work-Products expresses an interest in being an Eligible User, such person (or firm) is given a temporary (i.e., three-month) User Name and Password.  This permits such person (or firm) to explore, experiment, examine, etc.  before paying the initiation fee.

For purposes of cost control and fairness to the other Eligible Users, each such Eligible User is expected to be (a) computer-literate, (b) willing to study and become familiar with the administration and production of the Work-Products and (c) embrace the principles and practices of Actuarial Work-Products, Inc.  Personal technical support is very limited but to the extent possible, such is gladly offered;  however; the instructions and tutorials should be sufficient.

The essence of our relationship is this (a) we will be tolerant and helpful in getting you up and going if (b) you extend the same courtesies to us.

The Eligible User gains access to the Subsite by entering at and linking or by signing on directly.  To enter the Subsite, input your User Name and Password.