Motivation for This Website

The primary motivation for this Website comes from the obligation, mandated by our federal and state trade and commerce laws (and the clarifying Supreme Court decisions) that all business and professions
should seek and offer the better and cheaper mousetrap and do so in a fair way.

The secondary motivation responds to those corporate officers (HR, finance, risk, benefits primarily) who increasingly are finding it needful, if not useful, to have new features available with the risk/actuarial services presently being offered to their non-qualified benefit arrangements.  Examples of these new features include the following:

     1. Reduced costs (claim reserves for $50, e.g.)
     2. Greater accessibility (computations obtained off-site with a laptop)
     3. User-friendly (input/parameters/variables, etc., at teenage level)
     4. Privacy-protection (User name, code and password, e.g.)
     5. Immediacy (work-products prepared in minutes)
     6. Governance issues (Sarbanes-Oxley, AICPA SAS 70, e.g. honored)
     7. Improved quality (modeling, simulation. more useful output, e.g.)
     8. Efficiency (database storage, e-mail transmissions, etc.)
     9. Technological advancements (both in IT and mathematics)
   10. Decision-naking (budgeting, plan design, e.g., User-managed)
   11. Globalization (time, distance and language constraints overcome)
   12. Data input (User-entry optional, subject to review and controls)
   13. Better financial reports (weekly claim reserves, e.g.)
   14. Reduced labor costs (work-products managed at lower pay-grade)
   15. Auditor requirements (all inputted data a work-product exhibit)
   16. Possible misunderstandings (rules for handling set in advance)
   17. One-stop shopping (full menu of work-products to be offered)
   18. Billing simplicity (one flat fee - all Users and all work-products)